The Perfect Machine

For Developers

  1. Always use a solid state drive - SSD.
  2. CPU and memory should be sufficient to allow for the use of following applications in parallel:
    1. VOIP (voice over IP) with screen sharing and/or and screen recording. For ex: skype, hipchat,, google hangouts, webex, slack, joinme etc.
    2. Browsers with multiple tabs and/or sessions
    3. Terminal or CMD prompt
    4. IDE
  3. Specifications should actively discourage the use of functionality which is better off on a cloud-box. Using a cloud-box sets a better precedent for how your developers perceive the deployment cycle from start to finish. This devops-first approach works in the best interest of a developer's skillset and the company's bottom line.
  4. We recommend Apple 13 inch macbook air
    • 1.6GHz CPU
    • 8GB Memory
    • 256GB SSD
    • roughly 1,200 USD
    • This still might be just a tad too powerful!
    • Even with these models, we haven't been able to get some of our developers to see the light: "Always build and run in docker with the cloud-box."

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