Soft Linking

  • ln -s <source> <destination>
    1. if a folder will go inside a preexisting destination folder then use
      • ln -s /path/to/source/ /path/to/destination/
    2. if a folder will become a destination folder then use
      • ln -s /path/to/source/ /path/to/destination
    3. when soft linking the source path must be reachable as-is from the destination ... for example:
      1. if server folder resides at ~/dev/project/server and we want to put a soft linked version of it under the ~/dev/project/linkUnderMe/ folder as ~/dev/project/linkUnderMe/server
        1. ~/dev/project/server
          • exists
        2. ~/dev/project/linkUnderMe/
          • exists
        3. ~/dev/project/linkUnderMe/server
          • this soft link is what we want to accomplish
      2. then
        1. go to cd ~/dev/project/ and try
        2. ln -s ./server ./linkUnderMe/server
          1. but it will NOT work!
          2. because ./server is not reachable from inside of ./linkUnderMe/ as-is
        3. ln -s ./../server ./linkUnderMe/server
          • will work
        4. ln -s ~/dev/project/server ./linkUnderMe/server
          • will work

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