Host your own Gitbook


It is worth exploring these pre-existing repositories:

  1. Prebuilt images based on a Dockerfile
  2. CI for build triggers and Gitbook all packaged neatly via docker-compose.yml
  3. Others

Quick Setup

Without CI

  1. Clone your pre-existing gitbook repo to your cloud-box
    cd ~/dev
    git clone
    cd ~/dev/
  2. Add the following docker-compose.yml file at the cloned repo's root folder:
    version: '2'
        container_name: training
        image: billryan/gitbook:latest
          - "4000:4000"
          - ./:/gitbook
          - ./
        entrypoint: /apps/
  3. Add the following file at the cloned repo's root folder:
    #gitbook init
    gitbook serve --log=debug --debug
    #gitbook build --log=debug --debug
  4. Setup permissions: chmod 744
  5. Run docker-compose up to start
  6. Run docker-compose stop to stop
  7. Run docker-compose up --force-recreate to rebuild and launch from scratch
  8. Run docker-compose down to tear it all down and cleanup

With CI

  1. TODO - @harshadyeola can add it here ...

Alternative Setup

  1. Clone your gitbook repo
  2. Use gitbook desktop editor to edit and save
  3. Use cmd line to push changes

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