SFTP with Visual Studio (VSCode)

  1. Extensions: Install Extension
  2. Install ftp-sync
    • PROs:
      • setup is simple via template file
    • CONs:
      • syncing triggers are too involved
      • any file that you don't explicitly save, will not be synced over
      • if you are working for a long time without sync then even saving a file won't cause the trigger from local to remote to activate
      • file permissions aren't synced over from local to remote accurately
      • no clear way to setup 2-way automatic sync
    • Verdict:
      • Use another plugin, this one isn't good enough.
  3. Configure the generated template file myProject/.vscode/ftp-sync.json:
     "remotePath": "/root/dev/myProject",
     "host": "my-digitalocean-box.domain.com",
     "username": "root",
     "port": 22,
     "secure": true,
     "protocol": "sftp",
     "uploadOnSave": true,
     "passive": false,
     "debug": false,
     "privateKeyPath": "/path/to/.ssh/id_rsa",
     "passphrase": "password_for_id_rsa",
     "ignore": [
  4. That's it.

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