NodeJS Profiling

Best NodeJS Versions for profiling

If possible, do yourself a favor and test your code to make sure it works with NodeJS version 6.3 or greater.

* Official [support]( for Node.js debuggability landed in Node.js version 6.3 in May 2016.
* Before v6.3:



  1. expose port 9229 if using docker
  2. and start your code: node --inspect --debug-brk myCode.js
    1. it will output a url to connect with chrome://inspect/#devices, go ahead and copy/paste that URL into chrome
  3. under the sourcestab, place breakpoints where ever you want ... then hit play to let the code run
    • Your code starts in "paused" mode because of --debug-brk
  4. take a snapshot, then:
    1. either, run requests against web server to cause load
    2. or, simply let your one-time nodejs code run until it hits a breakpoint
  5. take another snapshot
  6. compare heap snapshots in chrome devtools

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